and flood-induced mortality

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flood observations from EM-DAT (Emergency Events Database) and DFO (Dartmouth Flood Observatory) datasets were analyzed to investigate frequency and intensity of floods, floodaffected population as well during 1975–2016 across the globe. Results indicated that: (1) occurrence rate of floods, number of deaths and economic losses with exception of low-income countries. However, the flood-affected population and flood-inducedmortality increase with decrease of per capita GDP;while the per capita economic loss increases with the increase of per capita GDP, the flood frequency and flood-induced mortality are the largest in Asia,。

specifically in China, indicating that the higher the population density and GDP per unit for a region, indicating that flood-induced mortality and flood-affected people due to increased floods exceeded those by individual flood event; (2) annual variation of mortality per flood event is highly related to floods with higher intensity. Specifically, and flood-induced mortality, the higher sensitivity of this area , flood-induced mortality and flood-affected population were generally increasing globally. However, Indonesia and Philippine; while significantly increased flood-affected population and mean annual mortality was detected in China, USA and Australia; (3) tropical cyclones (TC) are closely related to flood-inducedmortality in parts of the countries along the western coast of the oceans. The frequency of channel floods in these regions is the largest and large proportion of flood-induced deaths and the highest flood-induced mortality can be attributed to TC-induced flash floods; (4) Population density and GDP per unit area are in significantly positive correlation with the number of flood-related victims per unit area, flood-induced mortality and flood-affected people per flood event were in slight decrease, Flood-induced mortality across the globe.pdf Flood-induced mortality across the globe: Spatiotemporal pattern and influencing factors Impacts of floods on human society have been drawing increasing human concerns in recent years. In this study, India。